About us


Rafael Benjumea
José Donoso
General Director
Susana Domínguez
Executive Assistant
Cristina Torres-Quevedo
Finance and Regulation Director
Amparo Agrait Zaragozá
Institutional and International Relations Director
Cristina Moreno
Communication and Public Advocacy Director
María Vidal
Events and Sponsorships Director
Begoña Haces
Events and Sponsorships Technician
Laura Ibañez
Events and Sponsorships Technician
Flo Michelena
Members Director
Lucía Varela
Self-consumption and Energy Communities Director
Martín Behar
Studies & Enviroment Director
Roger Pasola
Storage, Hydrogen and New Developments Director
Héctor de Lama
Technical Director
Álvaro Miranda
Studies Technician
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