Online Course on the Electric Market 2021

8 Jun 2021 - 10 Jun 2021

On June 8, 9 and 10, UNEF will teach the Electric Market Course in online format. Reserve your place!

Date: June 8, 9 and 10, 2021
UNEF reserves the right to move the date and modify the agenda for reasons beyond its control.

Format: online

Target audience for the course:
Photovoltaic producers, installation companies and operators of photovoltaic plants. Companies or people interested in the knowledge of the photovoltaic sector.

In this course, the operation of the wholesale electricity market in our country and the daily and intraday market will be analyzed, the calculation of settlement and billing and adjustment services will be explained, and the role that photovoltaics can play in said services. In addition, the latest developments of photovoltaic projects will be discussed from the auction, projects to market and PPA contracts.

Module 1. Introduction to the functioning of the market (June 8)

10.00h - 10.10h Presentation of the Course
José Donoso, General Director, UNEF

10.10-11.20 Operation of the electricity market

Yolanda Cuellar, Director of Market Operations, OMIE

Introduction and regulatory framework
Daily market
Intraday market: Auctions and continuous market
News and reforms: negative prices
Practical case: sending an offer to the daily market for a PV installation
15 minute question time

11.20-12.05 Adjustment services for system operation

Maria Luisa Llorens, Department of Operating Markets, Red Eléctrica de España

Introduction and regulatory framework of system adjustment services
Market sequence of adjustment services
Requirements to participate
Presentation of offers
Price formation and matching results
Settlement and billing
Deviations and costs attributable to them
Practical case: Potential participation of the PV in adjustment markets
15 minute question time

Module 2. Settlement, energy management and futures market (June 9)

10.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.: Energy management: short, medium and long-term markets

Gorka Martí, Director of Engineering and Renewables, Factor Energía

Operational for the energy management of a photovoltaic installation
Future markets products
Operation of the different platforms: OMIP, OTC.
Liquidation of the main products
15 minute question time

11.00h - 12: 00h Electricity market settlement processes

Mónica Ruiz, Sales & Marketing Director, Gnera Energía

Settlement of daily market offers
Settlement of offers on the intraday market
Settlement of specific remuneration
Liquidation of the economic regime of renewable energies
Updating of financial guarantees
Practical case: Liquidation of an installation of the economic regime of renewable energies (REER)
15 minute question time

Module 3. Practical cases (June 10)

10.00h - 10.35h: Operation of a photovoltaic plant of the auctions: Economic Regime of Renewable Energies (REER)

Julián Simón, Head of Energy Management, Qualitas Equity

Energy management of a plant under the REER
Meeting minimum energy milestones
Market operation optimization
10.35am - 11.10am: Alternatives to auctions: Merchant projects and PPAs

Daniel Fernández, Director of Energy Management (Wholesale Markets Spain and Development), Engie

Solutions to mitigate market risk
Bilateral / private PPAs: structures and risks
11.10am - 11.45am Forecast of the market price captured by photovoltaic energy

Javier Revuelta, Senior Principal, Afry

UNEF and FOTOPLAT members: € 225 + VAT
Non-members: € 270 + VAT
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The course is developed online and the modules will be recorded, so that attendees who cannot follow the class live will be able to access the content afterwards.

Registrants will receive by mail the link to access the course the day before the start of the course.

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