Webinar technical details to take into account with the new Spanish regulation

17 Jun 2021
YouTube UNEF

On June 17 at 12:00, UNEF organizes together with SMA Ibérica a webinar on "Technical details to take into account with the new Spanish regulation".

The new European regulation (RfG UE631 / 2016) and the version for Spain pose new challenges in the design of photovoltaic plants. In this webinar we will explain the technical requirements and how the grid connection parameters change for solar plants, we will detail planning criteria to adapt to the new regulation, especially with regard to reactive power sizing through inverters and others. elements.

With the participation of:

  • Moderadora: Paula Farias, Departamento Técnico, UNEF
  • David Cruanyes, Sr. AE, Product & Project Manager, SMA Ibérica
  • Daniel Arranz, Electrical and Electronics Department, SGS

During the webinar the following will be covered::

  • Evolution of network codes
  • What is RfG UE631 / 2016?
  • What does PO12.2, PO12.3, NTS SEPE and SENP, OM749 / 2020, RD647 / 2020 mean?
  • Technical requirements for Spain
  • Storage generation modules. Solutions to include storage from the primary or reversible source with the network
  • Calculation aid tools
  • Simulation models
  • Engineering services

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