Senior Project Engineer

07/11/2022 Madrid

Senior Project Engineer, Madrid, Spain

Bright Sunday’s business is to make the cleantech transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers. We invest in a solar PV system installed at the customer’s property and offer the customer solar as a service with zero upfront investments and savings from day one. Our customers only pay for electricity produced at a flat cost per kWh on a 10-25 year contract. 

Bright Sunday, founded in Sweden 2016, currently owns and operates 50+ solar PV systems with a total installed effect of close to 20 MW in Spain and Portugal. 

We buy system design and construction at a fixed price from local EPC partners. It is of utmost importance we make sure EPCs/subcontractors act professionally and deliver quality installations on time and specification.

When the PV system is commissioned, Bright Sunday takes care of system operations (real-time monitoring using 3rd party products), system check-ups and preventive maintenance. System failure or suboptimal performance will trigger alarms and we use external partners for cleaning and major corrective maintenance.

Bright Sunday has a small but highly skilled and professional team. The company language is English. To grow our business fast and with good risk control it is critical to approach work in a structured way, to foster a performance culture with individual accountability and maintain a work environment that is open, friendly, motivating and supportive.

Do you want to level up and join Bright Sunday? We look for a bright, ambitious, curious and top-performing Senior Project Engineer. You will report directly to the Operations Manager, Afonso Domingues.

Your tasks and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Supervise construction projects
    • Support Operations Manager with validation of all necessary preparations before construction start (“Conditions to Installation”)
    • Frequent planned and unannounced site visits
    • Running EPC communication and weekly status reporting
    • Support external inspectors at site inspections (before, during and after construction)
  • Perform planned system check-ups
    • On-site inspection of environmental and electrical conditions; tasks include, but are not limited to, control of wiring/connections, racking systems, inverters, soiling, shadings and thermography
    • Documentation and reporting; inspection protocols including recommended actions
  • On-site system issue analysis
    • In case the root cause of alarms or performance anomalies (detected by the monitoring system) cannot be defined remotely or with the help of the customer, site inspections are required. You will conduct necessary measurements / analyses, interact with internal and external “lines of support” and document the findings
  • Perform or manage preventive/corrective maintenance
    • Following a system check-up or issue analysis, either you take immediate preventive and corrective actions (minor issues) or order corrective maintenance from a Bright Sunday partner (major issues)
    • Based on in-depth knowledge of the system, the site and the customer supervise partner work (time/quality/cost, etc)
    • Plan, order and prepare cleaning with Bright Sunday partners
  • Other
    • Support Sales Managers in sales (if needed) and with planning and running project kick-off and COD handover meetings
    • Support the Operations Manager with selection of subcontractors and partners for corrective maintenance and cleaning
    • Maintain contacts with e.g. the technical point of contact at the customer and the customer’s external engineers, electricians or inspectors

Education and qualifications
Electrical or Mechanical Engineer with all required certifications. If you have relevant diplomas or training it is meritorious. 

As our customers and partners are spread out across Spain (and Portugal) the role requires extensive travel 

– drivers license is a must (minimum category B).

You are committed, self-motivated and act with the highest level of professional standards. You care about customers and understand that you will represent the premium brand of Bright Sunday why you always walk the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

Professional background and experience
Three years of experience from solar PV systems in the Commercial & Industrial and/or utility sectors (installation, project supervision and O&M). 

Demonstrated skills and interest in IT, networks and in troubleshooting (e.g. by using measurement tools). 

Certification in H&S (PRL) and for work at heights are meritorious.

If you have experience from technical project management or hands-on experience from large and complex electrical installations in the Commercial & Industrial sector it is highly meritorious.

Language requirements
Native Spanish and working proficiency in English.
If you also speak Portuguese it is very meritorious.

Individual, for discussion. 

State your current fixed total annual compensation and your salary claim in your application.

Place of work
Hybrid – we expect you to spend the vast majority of your time “on the road” with our customers and partners. Administrative tasks can be managed from the Bright Sunday office in Madrid or from a home office.

Contact, application and process
In order to fill the position as fast as possible we will continuously assess candidates and may use external partners for assessments, etc. 

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