Analysis and reports

Resources and reports

EMAT - Biodiversity study in photovoltaic solar plants (2021)
UNEF report on PPAs (2018)
UNEF report BICE and IBICES (2018)
UNEF Report Guarantees of Origin (2019)
UNEF Report Recycling PV Modules (2020)
UNEF Proposal - Photovoltaic Industrial Strategy (2020)
UNEF Proposal - Modification of the Horizontal Property Law (2020)
UNEF - Proposal Administrative Process
AxA - Municipalities with bad practices in the processing of self-consumption facilities
IEA - PV Industry Status from Trends Report (2021)
(2021) UNEF Annual Report - Photovoltaic solar energy, opportunity for sustainability
(2020) UNEF Annual Report - The photovoltaic sector towards a new era
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