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25/08/2023 Madrid

HEXING Group, established in 1992, is a multi-national company offering customized sustainable solutions for energy distribution companies with a wide range of revolutionized products.

Livoltek, one of HEXING Group subsidiaries, specializes in solar inverters, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Batteries and EV chargers.

We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our Spain team. This position will play an important role in further expanding our solar business in the EU markets. For more information about the company, please visit


1. Provide technical support for sales team during communication with customers with battery and PV technical expertise and deep product knowledge

2. Provide continuous technical consultation and training for regional dealers and installers

3. Provide onsite and remote commissioning training and support for install partners for inverters, battery storage systems and EV chargers and their monitoring software.

4. Develop and deliver documentation such as: design guides, line diagrams, standard bills of materials, technical briefs, best practices, and training

5. Support new product launches and introductions

6. Coordinate and execute field testing and feedback collection for new hardware and software

7. Collect regional market information, make contributions for product planning and marketing strategy

Job requirements:

1. Education in power electronics or automation;

2. Excellent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3. Electrician with relevant local electrical qualifications/licenses preferred

4. Have 2-3 years working experience in Energy Storage Products, Household batteries, PV Inverters and EV Chargers or photovoltaic related products.

5. Practical and hands-on experience and expertise with distributed PV, battery storage and energy management applications

6. Experience in the use and implementation of inverters/converters, DC & AC systems and component interconnection methods between PV and energy storage systems and the grid

7. Hands-on expertise in troubleshooting electrical systems and data networks using appropriate tools

English CV only. Contact: cc

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